When you visit the SVC, you will find a friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff waiting to help you.  From frame styling, to frame repair, to preliminary testing, our staff is always happy to assist you.

Take a look at the pictures and read a little about our staff below, so you are familiar with them when you come in.

Tina Berke
Tina has been with SVC since day one.  She is the glue that holds us together.  Her laughter, warmth and smile radiates throughout the office and gives all around her a feeling of well being.  She is almost too sweet.  Tina is very artistic and talented and has the innate knack for picking the latest frame styles.  She keeps our showroom of frames display more up-to-date than any other dispensary on the planet.
She has been married for 36
years (she says it seems like only 50), and has a beautiful and amazing 34 year old daughter, Jessie.
Luis Enrique Partida
Our long-time lab manager, Luis, has been making our glasses for 29 years.   Luis is a real artist and enjoys working with his hands.  He keeps our "green lab" optical equipment tweaked to perfection to assure precision and speed of delivery.  Luis is a proud family man...husband to Cesia, and father to Deanna (5/30/92), Marely (11/5/98), Luis Enrique (1/3/00), Galilea (5/4/02), Elsy (2/2/07), and last but not least, Angel Azael (1/13/12).





  Lorena Duenas
Lorena is the newest addition to our practice.  She has worked as an optician since 2003.  Lorena has a detailed grasp on the technical aspects of the various kinds of spectacle lenses, tints and coatings.  Lorena has a natural talent at frame styling as well.  She also has great skill and ability using the on-site high-tech instruments.  Lorena and Raunel have a son named Jay who was born 04/02/10.  Lorena enjoys spending quality time with the family and doing a host of outdoor activities like bike riding and playing ball.