Ortho-K Ortho-K super vision center So, if you’re nearsighted, you have to have some kind of correction if you want to see clearly in the distance.  So, you have to pick, 1- glasses, 2- daytime contacts, 3- laser surgery if you’re 18 or older or, 4- ortho-k.  With 1, you’ve got glasses on your face …

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Eyewear Showroom

Eyewear Showroom Patients from throughout Orange County and Greater Los Angeles visit the Super Vision Center in Santa Ana, California known for one of the largest, most diverse, most current and most discounted selection of top-line eyewear, anywhere. You will be able to choose glasses that reflect your personality, provide comfort, and suit your appearance. …

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Onsite Lab

Onsite Lab Onsite Lab The in-house laboratory at Super Vision Center in Santa Ana uses state of the art “green” optical technology to grind and create lenses to correct all kinds of vision issues. Dr. Berke and his trusted team have over 30 years of experience. Call the office today to learn more. Onsite Lab …

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Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses Contact Lenses Wearing contact lenses is one of the most popular ways of correcting a range of vision issues. Dr. Berke is well experienced with providing contacts for patients. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get here at Super Vision Center regarding the use of contacts among our patients. …

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Eye Diseases And Surgeries

Eye Diseases And Procedures Eye Diseases And Procedures Dr. Berke provides thorough eye exams for evaluating medical eye diseases and vision disorders, including assessing existing and previously-diagnosed issues, and determining if an un-diagnosed issue is present based on the specific signs and symptoms of the patient.  He helps patients with conditions including, but not limited …

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Dry Eyes And Allergies

Dry Eyes And Allergies Dry Eyes And Allergies If you are suffering from dry eyes or allergies, you probably experience: Burning/Stinging – Itchiness – Light Sensitivity – Grittiness/Scratchiness – Eye Redness – Difficulty Wearing Contact Lenses – Blurred Vision. Take a look at these commonly asked questions regarding dry eyes and allergies. Dry Eyes And …

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Myopia Control

Myopia Control Myopia and Myopia Control Q & A    Super Vision Center Myopia is the most common refractive eye issue in the world estimated at 1.5 – 1.6 billion people worldwide. Historically Myopia has been referred to as a refractive error but even low amounts increase the risk of serious eye disorders such as …

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Eye Exams

Eye Exams Eye Exams Your eyes reveal more about your health than you know.  Your eyes are not just windows to your soul, they’re windows to your overall health and the only direct view of retinal blood vessels that reveal the status of blood vessels throughout your entire body.  Getting an eye exam is an …

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