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Onsite Lab Q & A

The in-house laboratory at Super Vision Center in Santa Ana uses state of the art “green” optical technology to grind and create lenses to correct all kinds of vision issues. Dr. Berke and his trusted team have over 20 years of experience. Call the office today to learn more.

Onsite Lab Q & A

Super Vision Center

What happens in the in-house lab at Super Vision Center?

We concentrate on quality first, but nobody can make a more perfect pair of glasses faster.  And, we specialize in lens technologies including ultrathin, ultralite, UV, coatings and impact protection; from single vision to progressive addition.  In many cases, glasses can be made and dispensed within an hour if desired.  Our head technician, Luis, has been crafting lenses and eyewear for over 20 years.  He is truly an artist, creating perfect lenses for patients with all optical needs.  If you think you need glasses, a new prescription, or just a new look, make an appointment with Dr. Berke at Super Vision Center today.

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